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Our clients share a very special place with us.As they grow, we grow along with them and we do everything in our power to ensure that whatever their endeavour, we stand ready to make that commitment to see their goals are met. It can take the form of a special financing that requires our utmost care and attention in preparing certificates, warrants etc that must be completed accurately and completely within tight deadlines to ensure they receive their much needed capital on closing dates.
We have watched and participated in how several of our clients have graduated to higher trading levels within an exchange and to the further graduation to the Toronto Stock Exchange. We openly supply the statistical requirements of the exchanges and stand ready to supply an other information that is required to have our clients advance.
Mergers and aquisitions have occured to several of our clients. We have responded by setting up the new entity by creating a new fully integrated corporate structure complete with newly issued certificates to support the new organization. All  this is completed within strict exchange, security regulations and legal requirement  deadlines.  

Shareholder meetings represents the Company's annual opportunity to speak directly to the shareholders who are able to vote on resolutions and participate in Company presentations including asking questions about the company.  
We coordinate and finalize record and meeting dates with the companies within regulatory time-frames.   Meeting Planner  We look after mailing the Company's information to the shareholders including attaching a proxy label for each shareholder that reflects the total number of shares that can be voted including those whose value has changed due merger activity. We have followed this practice since our inception and made it available to all of our clients. Shareholder response to this has been very positive and we have been applauded on numerous ocassions for informing the shareholder of their present holdings which they had never seen before from other transfer agent mailings.