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Trans Canada Transfer Inc


Stock Transfer Services


A:    General


·         Maintain full transfer facilities in Toronto

·         Research and Development of systems and services legislative or industry changes through our membership with STAC (Securities Transfer Association of Canada)

·         Liaise with lawyers, regulatory bodies, brokers, accountants on client's behalf

·         Handle general enquiries from clients and financial community

·         Maintain legal document files reflecting changes in capital structure

·         Control certificate inventory and storage

·         Provide full storage of client records

·         Key system and client data encrypted and stored offsite



B:    Transfers of Ownership and Registrar


·         Examination for proper endorsement of items presented for transfer

·         Examination of items for assignment and splits

·         Examination and authenticity of signature guarantees

·         Data entry recording of cancel and issue information

·         Cancellation by perforation of share certificate

·         Preparation of shares to be issued, including legended certificates where applicable

·         Placement or removal of stops on-line and replacement of certificates

·         Full audit trail of all data entry input

·         Print transfer journals and balancing reports

·         File transfer journals, cancelled shares and related documentation in storage

·         Countersign all newly issued certificates

·         Receipt of shares presented to transfer by over the counter, First class mail, courier etc.

·         Ensure appropriate documentation accompanies transfer i.e. estates, lost, corporate resolutions, treasury orders, wire or rush transfers, constrained shares

·         Delivery of transfer to presenter - over the counter, mail, registered/security mail, courier, hand delivered

·         Administration and collection of certificate fees if requested by the client

·         Full registrar functions by Cusip # and company with key independent checks to ensure accuracy and completeness. Changes to outstanding share balances reported appropriately to the  proper stock exchange

·         ESCROW and POOLING Agreements administered by TCT



C:    Mail Services


·         Provide full range of mailing services including - address and proxy labels, inserting material, certificate and affidavits of mailing, payment of filing fees, etc. for annual, quarterly and special mailings.

·         Policy 52-101 mailings - supply intermediary file, contact and distribute material to brokers, banks etc. As well as mailing to indirect shareholders for a period of one year or as requested.

·         Maintenance of returned mail file

·         Fax and internet mailing services



D:    Meeting Services


·         Provide services for tabulating proxies for the meeting

·         Attend meeting and act as scrutineer and prepare ballots if necessary

·         Report detail of shareholder attendance and proxy results



E:    SEDAR Filings



F:    Special Requests


·         Special projects concerning customized reporting of the client's database information to the exhanges, dividend payments, right's offerings, flow-through shares, tax reporting etc