Estate Transfers / Lost Certificates / Transfer Forms

Transfer Forms

Power of attorney to transfer shares

Corporate resolution- sole director

Corporate resolution- multi directors

Personal Networth Statement

Estate Transfers

There are numerous situations when a party is subject to an estate transfer. In the majority of cases, a lawyer is usually involved with the estate and usually follows it through to completion when the person dies. Most lawyers are very familiar with the documentation required to transfer the stock .

Sometimes due to the economics of the situation, the estate has most of the documentation but may be missing a few of the required documents.

One of the most prevalent documents is the “Declaration of Transmission” that we have included for your convenience.

Declaration of Transmission

Many estates have unique features and properties that require direct contact with us to ensure the proper steps are made to effect the transfer.

Lost Certificates

It can’t be stressed too greatly about the care that should be taken when receiving a certificate only to find it missing at a later date. Unfortunately it happens and that one must take the necessary steps to get it replaced.

The first step is to contact us and sending us a letter placing a stop against the lost certificate.

The second step involves preparing the attached insurance forms to be witnessed and prepared in duplicate.

Intact – Personal Net Worth Statement

The third step is to prepare a cheque payable to the Insurance company for up to 3.5% of the market value of the security or a minimum cheque for $375.00.

Once completed, all of the documentations and cheque should be sent to us and we in turn will forward the information to the insurance company.

This process should take a few weeks to complete, as long as the information has been prepared correctly.

A indemnity bond notice will be sent to us and we will prepare the replacement certificate. The certificate will be sent to the shareholder. In addition a copy of the indemnity bond will also be sent to the shareholder who should sign the bond and file it in a safe place.